Here at UNL, we always have some Greek philanthropy going on. They’re endless and usually centered around some sort of food. Hey, I’m not complaining. I love nachos and fro-yo as much as the next person, but it gets a little redundant after a while. How can we raise money for a cause all while having fun and straying away from the extra calories? Kappa Alpha Theta has our answer: KAT Walk. KAT Walk is a fashion show put on by the sorority where they gather people from different fraternities around campus to model and connect with local boutiques around the Lincoln area to dress the models for the show. Money is collected from the selling of tickets to the fashion show. This event not only raises money for a great cause but also helps promote local businesses to the college crowd. I sat down with Chanler Garris to talk more about the event. I love the casual look she picked. Her romper is super easy, but super cute. I love how she dressed it up with wedges and her necklace!

Name: Chanler Garris

Role: Sorority Member/KAT Walk Participant

CollegeFashionista: What is KAT Walk’s overall goal?

Chanler Garris: Our goal is to raise money for CASA, which appoints advocates for abused or neglected children in foster homes until they have been placed in a safe and permanent home.

CF: Do you have a goal for how much money you would like to raise?

CG: We’re trying to raise over $2,000. Each girl’s goal in the house is to sell seven tickets at five dollars a piece.

CF: What exactly happens during KAT Walk?

CG: We have models that are volunteers from other houses on campus. We have guys and girls modeling for us. There are a few Thetas that are modeling. They’re modeling stuff from different boutiques around town. We also have a ton of food during the event. We have Canes, Toppers and Cookie Company.

Learn More: Visit CASA’s website to learn more about the organization that KAT Walk supports.