AROUND TOWN: Jen Anderson

MODA Magazine, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s life and style publication, has a huge staff of dedicated editors and writers who create articles and coordinate photo shoots all year long. I’m currently a lifestyle writer for the publication. For this section we write about hot new beauty products, DIY projects you can make with your friends and so much more. I met up with our lifestyle editor, Jen Anderson, to chat about her job, personal style and favorite MODA projects.

Name: Jen Anderson

Role: Lifestyle Editor; MODA Magazine

CollegeFashionista: As lifestyle editor for MODA, what are your day-to-day duties?

Jen Anderson: It’s weird because sometimes I’ll catch myself about to take a shower or in the middle of doing my hair and I’ll be thinking about or planning things I need to do for Moda. There’s always something in the back of my mind. A lot of the work as an editor is behind the scenes, so a lot of writers don’t see it. We are in charge of scheduling posts, editing posts, coordinating pictures, coordinating with other sections and planning for future mini issues. I love my job, but it’s not one I can just leave at the door after a meeting.

CF: What is your favorite part of being MODA’s lifestyle editor?

JA: I think my favorite part of being an editor has to be seeing the final product, especially with print issues. I work with writers on their pieces for months leading up to the print, and then the editors all work together for pictures, layout and all those nitty gritty details you don’t even think about that aren’t so glamorous. And in the end, it miraculously comes together. That little miracle is the best part.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

JA: Ever-evolving. Last year at this time, I was super preppy. I would say that this year, I’ve definitely changed to have a more casual yet classic style. I take inspiration from Katie Holmes’ street style. I love dressing up, but I have to be comfy as well, right? That’s why I like Katie; she does that well. I love shopping at places with simple color palettes and classic cuts like Madewell and Gap.

CF: Which project has been your favorite to work on for Moda?

JA: My freshman year, I really loved being able to be an assistant for the Kate Hogan spring photo shoot. It was MODA’s first big spread, and I loved the outfits. We dressed Kate up in all these gorgeous designer dresses and accessories and then played with the aesthetic by shooting on location at UW-Madison in lecture halls and libraries. It was so much fun. That was the photo shoot when I really fell in love with what we were doing at Moda.

Learn More: Be sure to check out MODA Magazine’s lifestyle articles online. Their “Lazy Girl’s Guide,” which features ideas that are quick and easy for college students, is a huge hit on campus!