As the English arbiter of fashion Beau Brummell once said, ever so wisely, “If people turn to look at you on the street you are not well dressed, but either too stiff, too tight or too fashionable.” Thankfully for small, quaint menswear boutique known as Jazzman, there is no excuse for clothes to be too stiff or too tight.  With an array of designer suit coats, vibrantly colored buttons-ups and every accessory or bow tie to match. Jazzman provides a quality selection unlike many others whether you want to dress up something casual or dress down something formal.

Name: Craig Butenhoff

Role: Owner/Manager

CollegeFashionista: What makes Jazzman stand out from many other Menswear Stores?

Craig Butenhoff: I think Jazzman covers a large array of garments in a lot of different fabrics and patterns that suit our customer. There’s a lot for everyone and you can find anything from a more sport wear to a dressed up suit coat and tie which helps up attract anyone from 16 years to 70 plus. 

CF: How would you describe your average Jazzman customer?

CB: Being a business in Madison for over 35 years we have a broad client base. Families have stuck with us throughout the years and have continued to provide us with business. People who shopped with us when they were 16 or 17 years old are now bringing their children or grandchildren in to shop with us. 

CF: What would you say is a must have piece for men?

CB: I would say everyone needs a suit, a pair of oxfords and tie. You have those three things and you can go anywhere and look great.  

CF: What trends have you noticed emerging in men’s fashion? 

CB: We’re seeing more and more focus on the overall silhouette. Guys are looking for more fitted, body conscious garments that have unique fabrication and have more to offer than just the basics. 

Learn More: If you’re looking to grab yourself a new sport coat for spring or jazz up what’s already in your closet, head on over to Jazzman, located at 340 State Street in Madison!