AROUND TOWN: Henrigirl

When the spring flowers start blossoming and the birds are chirping, that’s my cue to look into a new spring wardrobe. For any college Fashionista at the University of Florida, Henrigirl offers a wide selection of clothes and accessories perfect for any occasion. I got the lovely opportunity to meet Henrigirl’s store manager and discuss what makes Henrigirl the perfect destination for college Fashionistas.

Name: Alix Kissinger

Role: Store Manager

CollegeFashionista: What do you love about Henrigirl and the style it offers?

Alix Kissinger: I like that we are unique to Gainesville because there aren’t a whole lot of places to shop at like this. It’s fun seeing the spring merchandise and all the bright colors and all the great things our store has to offer.

CF: What is your inspiration for the clothing in the store?

AK: I actually don’t do the buying, but our owner lives in California so the clothing definitely has the California vibe to it.

CF: What makes Henrigirl unique?

AK: We try to stay with the current trends and since there isn’t a lot of shopping in Gainesville we are truly unique to UF’s campus. We’re here for when girls need a last minute outfit or need a certain look.

CF: What’s your favorite trend of the season?

AK: I’m always obsessed with jumpsuits and rompers. They’re my go-to; there are so many different ways you can dress them up and dress them down, different patterns, colors and things like that. They’re perfect for any occasion.

Learn More: To check out what makes Henrigirl unique to Gainesville and to discover their latest trends you can find them on their website or visit them on campus at 1800 W. University Ave.