AROUND TOWN: Haley Trkulja

This Fashionista literally does it all. From majoring in Fashion Merchandising, involving herself in numerous organizations and still finding time to go to pure barre classes five times a week, there is nothing she cannot accomplish. A recent endeavor that this Fashionista has undertaken is impacting Kent’s campus in many ways, and guess who’s in charge of the entire movement? You guessed it! This girl.

Name: Haley Trkulja

Role: Hunt Girl In Charge for The Hunt

CollegeFashionista: How did you hear about this position?

Haley Trkulja: I was originally searching for summer internship positions on when I came across the ambassador position for The Hunt! Kent State was not previously listed, so I applied and told their team why I thought our school would be such an amazing addition to their program. Fortunately, they decided to expand to Kent State and I couldn’t be more thrilled! In this short amount of time, I have already noticed how dramatically The Hunt is growing on our campus and truly think it will be successful for many years to come. 

CF: Please briefly explain what an average day as an ambassador for The Hunt is like.

HT: My day with The Hunt always varies! I could be posting images of items I love around campus, so that other students can help me find similar items; I could be meeting with my team of style scouts, reviewing our Instagram page and social media following, sending updates to our community manager, Ally, or planning our upcoming event. Since this is the first semester The Hunt has been at Kent State, it is very much a learning process, but a very fun one!

CF: What is your favorite part about holding this position?

HT: I love that things are always changing and we are able to learn as we go. It’s great being able to tackle obstacles as they come and feel as if you have made a great accomplishment once the issue has been resolved. Mostly, I love working with my team of 10 style scouts. Positions include Event Coordinator, Social Media Manager, Sorority Outreach, Treasurer, Style Blogger and Secretary, so I am able to work with a team of girls who have skills in diverse areas. They are so passionate and excited about making The Hunt successful on our campus; seeing their passion is without a doubt my favorite part. Since I lead this team, it is also fun to be able to play a part in each of these positions; I have gained so much experience in such a short amount of time! 

Learn More: Are you interested in being a style scout for The Hunt? Contact Haley at [email protected] to learn more!