AROUND TOWN: Fashionology

Fashionology is an on-campus entrepreneurial boutique operated by Marist College’s Fashion Merchandising students. Students enrolled in the Fashionology course go to New York City to buy goods for the boutique and then price the items to get an insider’s view into the buying world. The boutique sells a variety of apparel and accessories including jewelry, scarves, sunglasses and beauty products. Student consignment products are sold at the boutique as well. I recently met up with Rachel Krauss, a Fashion Merchandising senior, who works at Fashionolgy.

Name: Rachel Krauss

Position: Manager, Fashionology

CollegeFashionista: When did you first become involved with Fashionology?

Rachel Krauss: I joined the Fashionology class this spring semester after finding out all the great opportunities the class offers. I previously have worked several years as a sale associate, but I really wanted to be a part of putting it all together and take advantage of the chance to help open and run a smaller scaled boutique.

CF: What is your favorite part about Fashionology?

RK: It’s the best feeling to be able to see success in the boutique after deciding on the variety of items we choose for the semester, especially in looking to have a career as buyer. It really helped to see what being a buyer is like because I was able to go on buying trips to look for not only accessories, but also in other areas that the boutique may want to expand on or in a completely new category. I love how the class interacts and is able to give feedback, opinions and ideas to improve the look and products of the boutique.

CF: What is the hardest part of working at Fashionology?

RK: There are a wide variety of products, and it is sometimes difficult to fit all of the jewelry, scarves, Marist Brand, tech accessories and even more products into the limited space we have to work with. Surprisingly, with our visual merchandising team, we always make everything fit in and display perfectly. Although the class is hard work and requires dedication, it doesn’t seem so bad because I enjoy everything we have to work on. I guess the hardest part is being surrounded by so many cute accessories and other goodies…very dangerous for my bank account, but it’s worth it, of course!

CF: How do you incorporate the products sold at Fashionology into your everyday style?

RK: Everything sold at Fashionology is designed with the student in mind and can easily be incorporated into a comfortable everyday style. Today I wore a black Marist Brand T-shirt layered with a tribal print draped cardigan. To stay comfortable all day, I wore classic black leggings and brown studded combat boots to finish the look.

Learn More: Follow Fashionology on Instagram and Twitter and stop by the Donnelly Fashion Plaza on Mondays and Thursday from 10:30-5:00 p.m. to shop or sign up for a shift!