AROUND TOWN: F.L.Y. — Fashion Loves You

F.L.Y.: Fashion Loves You is Florence University of the Arts’ off campus boutique. The store is completely run by students and offers a wide variety of merchandise as well as hosts many events throughout the year. If you’re looking for vintage, or interested in seeing the work of student designers, F.L.Y. is the perfect place.

Name: Danielle Staverosky

Role: Retail Management Intern

CollegeFashionista: Tell us about F.L.Y.’s store concept?

Danielle Staverosky: F.L.Y. is a student run store carrying vintage merchandise as well as emerging designers’ and student designers’ collections. In working there I learn how to manage a retail store in a smaller scale. F.L.Y is also a classroom and I learn about labeling, pricing, designers and more. We also aim to give exposure to new designers. Every semester we feature an upcoming designer in addition to our vintage merchandise.

CF: Who is your favorite up-and-coming designer that’s been featured?

DS: I really like the new designer we’re featuring, Yojiro Kake. For a college student I find them a little out of budge, but in general I think his designs are really unique and add a cool element to the store.

CF: Are there any vintage trends that you’ve seen in the store that you see coming back in this season?

DS: We started featuring a lot of Emilio Pucci stuff and I think that his style coming back around because of the retro vibe. A lot of his stuff looks very ’70s and I think it’s very in for the summer with the bright colors and interesting patterns.

Learn More: Check out F.L.Y. boutique at Borgo Pinti 20R, Florence, Italy.