Ever since I can remember everyone has always had big dreams for their future jobs. Whether you were excited to watch Law & Order: SVU episodes learning the ropes as a detective, were incredibly successful in the science and math subjects leading you towards a PhD or had a fetish when it came to traveling so a flight attendant was a match made in heaven, there is something for everyone. I had always known I wanted to pursue the fashion industry when I was extremely excited to pick out my outfit the night before school or during my days in class searching through social media for new garments and ideas for future outfits. I realized my stick figures and C average in sewing class showed fashion design just wasn’t in the cards for me, unlike this Fashionista and student designer Emily Muro whom was gifted with the talent, skills and determination needed to become successful in the fashion design industry.

Name: Emily Muro

Role: Student Designer

CollegeFashionista: At what age did you start getting interested in fashion and design?

Emily Muro: I started bringing scraps of fabric, thread and needles on long car rides and making little wallets at the age of 10. I became more interested in designing clothing in high school and made my own homecoming dresses and my junior prom dress. Being a fashion designer has been the plan for a long time!

CF: Who is your biggest fashion icon and why?

EM: Audrey Hepburn simply because of her grace and Prada because, well, it’s Prada and she’s pretty much the queen of current fashion.

CF: Why did you choose VCU’s fashion program? What have you learned from the program thus far that you really enjoyed?

EM: I didn’t feel I was ready to move to New York City and I liked that I could go to a great art school that had other majors. A lot of the other schools I applied to were strictly art schools. I love the diversity at VCU and that I can have friends who aren’t artists. This program has taught me to manage my time and that my results are directly related to the amount of effort that I put in. All-nighters aren’t exactly enjoyable but I have been lucky enough to have an amazing set of peers to go through them with. They make me laugh when I’m tired and push me to be my best.

CF: What are you currently working on? What is your aim for your final collection?

EM: I am currently working on my senior collection which consists of six eco-friendly women’s ready-to-wear outfits. The collection is inspired by water depletion and the way dry ground naturally cracks. I use sustainable innovative fabrics such as hemp, soy and bamboo.

CF: What are your plans for after graduation? What are you looking forward to the most about becoming a fashion designer?

EM: I have become very passionate about sustainable fashion and plan to commit myself to it as a designer. I plan to spend a few years gaining some industry experience while starting an environmentally friendly fashion brand called Nattrall. My ultimate, long term goal is to be so successful that I can start a fair trade factory in an impoverished country. I’d love to be able take women off the streets, teach them to sew, and give them a better life. I look forward to being able to make the world a better place while creating garments that make women feel beautiful.

Learn More: Muro is finishing up her senior year this May. Check out her Instagram for her senior collection and future brand in sustainable fashion, @Nattrall to follow her process in making her dreams become a reality!