As one learns with years of exploring the fashion industry, there are so many more outlets in addition to simply print media and blogs. It’s especially exciting as a Style Guru to find Fashionistas that are well rounded and can provide new content for readers to subscribe to in addition to this post. How excited was I to find that, armed with DIY’d skinnies, plaid button downs, faultlessly applied lavender eyeliner and electric blue hair; not only are these Fashionistas an impeccably sharp dressed pair, but they also just so happen to be DJs of their own radio show on Kent’s own Black Squirrel Radio? Compiling everything that is awesome into one two-hour block would prove to be a formidable task for even the most experienced of radio hosts, but it seems that these multifaceted Fashionistas have it down to a solid show. Who knows? Maybe a Thursday afternoon Ella-Mode date is just the inspiration you need this spring!

Names: Ella Foley (left) and Ella Zurawski (right)

Roles: DJs of Ella-Mode, a fashion-forward radio show

CollegeFashionista: So what exactly does your radio show feature?
Ella Zurawksi: Exciting things that are happening in the fashion industry to street style on the Kent campus, and we mix in some alternative tunes.
Ella Foley: We also talk about DIY projects and we sometimes just goof around. 
CF: How do you go about planning for a show anyway?
EF: We schedule teachers and friends to come on the show to talk about their style, influences and give live performances. 
EZ: We are together like 24/7 anyways so we just talk about things that we find exciting and are like “we should talk about that on Thursday.” 
CF: Where (or who) do you look to for fashion inspiration?
EZ: I look to the street, I find what people are wearing now the most interesting and inspiring.
EF: Campus, and we basically just look to each other. 
CF: What’s the one item you have in your closet that you absolutely cannot live without?
EF: My boyfriend jeans!
EZ: I couldn’t live with out this green Chinese silk dress that was once my grandma’s then passed down to my mom and I have been wearing it since high school. It doubles as a fancy cocktail dress to a St. Patrick’s day mini skirt. 
CF: What fashion line, brand, store or designer have you recently found yourself in love with? If you could buy anything from that person or place, regardless of money, what would it be?
EF: I would wear anything from Valentino.
EZ: I second that! We fell in love with Valentino in these past few months. 
Learn More: Tune in to Ella-Mode, a fashion-forward radio show, on Thursdays from 2:00-4:00 p.m. EST on!