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For blogger and Instagram guru Chloe Parr, social media skills run in the family! Following in her cousin Lauren Luthringshausen’s footsteps, Chloe rocks social media, with thousands of Instagram followers and a successful Dick Clark internship. Chloe Parr’s trendy outfits and cultural picks are must-follows!

Name: Chloe Parr Luthringshausen

Role: Blogger

College Fashionista: How did you first get inspired to blog?

Chloe Parr: I first got inspired by following other bloggers. Seeing posts every week inspired me to try new things, whether in fashion, books, music or beauty. One day, I had the idea to share my own passions and thoughts. I created my own blog to share the things I love most. I love the chance to write about and create things I love, and share with others around the world.

CF: What is your personal style and what kinds of articles do you write?
CPL: Hmm…My personal style honestly differs on my mood! I love simplicity mixed with a little edge.  Nothing beats jeans, a white T-shirt and a leather jacket! But I also love boho mixed with edgy. The articles I write depend on what I’m currently inspired by. I write fashion articles, such as daily outfit posts, but I also write “Looks to Love”, where I feature a look from a magazine, on the runway or red carpet or in a great new movie. Other passions of mine are music and books, so I also post articles about what to listen to or read at the moment.
CF: Have you worked with any other groups, stores or brands? 
CPL: Lately, I have been working with LF Montana, which I’m very excited about because I love all their clothes! I’ve also worked with boutiques from my hometown of Chicago. It’s always fun working with other brands and stores because you get to see other people’s styles and vision.
CF: What’s your favorite current trend and go-to outfit? 
CPL: My favorite current trend would probably be cape dresses for a night out. I also am loving the ’70s trend lately. I will definitely be wearing flared jeans and fringe all summer! My go-to outfit includes a romper, sandals, a kimono and a summer hat. Casual, yet ready for summer!
CF: How has your education helped your blogging skills? 
CPL: School has definitely helped with blogging. I’m an English major, so I’ve definitely become a better writer. I also have learned helpful computer skills, like coding and changing my website layout. School also helps you connect with other bloggers and creative people. I’ve learned so many new ideas by meeting people in class and around campus.
CF: Where do you hope the blog goes in the future? 
CPL: I will continue writing what I’m truly passionate about, and hopefully gain more readers that share my passions and interests. I hope my blog inspires others to share their ideas with the world, just like other bloggers inspired me!
Learn More: Follow Chloe’s blog, and her Instagram account.