Her Campus Media College Fashion Week is an amazing event that happens annually in Boston. Not only does the event host amazing salon and style programs, but they also featured Boston University’s all-male acapella group, the Dear Abbeys, to entertain the collegiate crowds. This Fashionista witnessed the beautiful event and got to enjoy many of the perks of being a Fashion Week attendee. On the day I interviewed her, she showed off her casual, light style with an embroidered blue boho top and a pair of jeans. For shoes, she wore pale blue Converse.

Name: Carly Joos

Role: Rad Fashion Show Attendee

CollegeFashionista: What did you choose to wear to Fashion Week, and what inspired your choice?

Carly Joos: I wore a black bodycon lace overlay dress with a mesh top. Having recently finished binge-watching Gossip Girl on Netflix, my look was very much inspired by the clothes that Serena and Blaire wore on the show.

CF: Any favorite look that stood out to you at the Her Media College Fashion Week?

CJ: I really loved the look that Her Campus president and co-founder, Windsor Western, was wearing. It was a blue floral one piece and definitely stood out among all of the looks that were highlighted that night.

CF: What was your favorite part of the experience?

CJ: My favorite part of the experience was definitely the pre-show activities that were offered. I was able to have my makeup done, hair done and have headshots taken.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

CJ: My personal style is kind of a mix of a bunch of different styles and really depends on the occasion. I enjoy wearing pieces that would be described as boho, especially in the summer. Overall, I guess my look would be pretty classic because I’m willing to take fashion risks, but I never deviate too much form the norm.

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