We all have a pair of pearls somewhere in our jewelry drawer that makes a rare appearance out in public for graduation, baby showers, weddings, etc. For many of us, they are not an every day wardrobe staple. The classic style is something we all appreciate but do not often weave into our looks. That is where this brilliant girl comes in. With a mantra of “classic meets cool,” she is taking over.

Name: Annah Todd

Role: Cofounder of Pomp Pearls

CollegeFashionista: What inspired you to start Pomp?

Annah Todd: I like the idea of taking something classic that was kind of boring and trying to make it cool again. I’m sure you’ve seen that pop of color we add every season. We change the colors and the thread, so it’s really fun—you can mix and match them. I’m not necessarily a “preppy” person, but I do love pearls because they are classic and iconic.

CF: Who is your number one fashion icon?

AT: I love Olivia Palermo—she is just fantastic.

CF: Where do you see Pomp heading in five years or 10 years? Ideally, where do you want it to be?

AT: I really hope it expands into being more than pearls. For instance, you can take things, like the little black dress or a blazer, that are kind of boring and every day and make them cool again.

CF: What is one accessory in your closet that you can’t live without (other than your Pomp Pearls)?

AT: Probably sunglasses. I have a lot of those.

Learn More: To get your hands on some fabulous Pomp Pearls, visit their website here. Additionally, for overall style inspiration, be sure to follow them on Instagram at @pomppearls.