Wind is getting cooler, leafs are changing colors, people are wearing more black and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes is in the air. Yep, fall has finally arrived! It is, once more, that time of the year where we say goodbye to our shorts and sandals and say hello to our leather jackets and boots. This season, in my opinion, is simply perfect because it gives a lot of opportunities to be inspired, to create stunning outfits and to look our best. Also, somehow in fall, the streets become our runway, which is something I truly love.

This Fashionista decided to take one of the many chances to look absolutely marvelous. Meeting her at the lobby of my building gave me the feeling that she was more than ready to show her fall and winter collection.

For her first piece, she decided to wear an outfit that defines who she is. By wearing a cotton, light gray maxi dress, she is telling the public that she is an elegant and feminine woman who is ready for any occasion. However, at the same time, by accessorizing her look with a black leather jacket, she is letting us know that she is a strong person who is not afraid to take risks and try new things. She is, also, expressing that even though she is willing to open herself up to the unknown, she is someone who keeps her traditions and heritage present by choosing to model a pair of black leather booties instead of other shoes. Finally, with an endearing smile and enchanting eyes, she is declaring how unique she is as human being.

How To: To “imitate” this look, you only have to go to your closet and create an outfit that screams your name to the universe. Choose something that you wear and feel that expresses who you are. Do this and I promise you that you are not only going to feel incredible, but you are going to shine on your own runway. You will be the superstar of your own collection!