ALL IN THE DETAILS: Wrap it Up With Scarves

Michael Kors said, “Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman.”

Fall, the season of hot tea, leaves turning and most of all accessories! It’s the season where everyone wants to either stay inside and watch Netflix all day, or they want to walk out of the house feeling as cozy as possible but looking at their best while they’re at it. Fall is THE season of accessories. My favorite part about fall is getting to use all the sweaters, jackets and scarves to dress up an outfit. You can never go wrong with any of these.

Featured here, our Fashionista is wearing a plain Piko Blue Dress. However, fall is your time to dress up a simple outfit with accessories so she is dressing up her plain and comfortable dress with a large blue and red plaid scarf for the cold weather. She also paired her scarf with Fergalicious, tall, brown-heeled boots. On top of her dress, she wore a nude long cardigan to warm herself up a little. And finally, she topped her outfit off with a brown Michael Kors handbag. This shows how you can take a simple dress and with accessories you can make into a fashionable masterpiece. All of these accessories seem so simple separately, but when you match them all together, it becomes a whole dressed up outfit. Accessories ladies, accessories! Dressing this way is so easy that anyone can do it.

How To: Have you always been self-conscious about being too simple? All you have to do is find a cute scarf, a cute sweater or cardigan, and a cute pair of boots and you’ll be set to go!