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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Worn, Torn and Reborn

As the humidity increases, Torontonians are wearing fewer layers. I spotted this Fashionisto wearing a skater look with his DIY accessories and a torn T-shirt. With all of this heat, you can still feel cool in this look. From a concert to a dive bar, this Fashionisto looks like he could be going anywhere.

This Fashionisto is decked out in head to toe H&M. However, his T-shirt was not destroyed with holes and rips when he first bought it. You can quickly turn something new to vintage by tearing and puncturing a brand new T-shirt. Fashionistas and Fashionistos can both take note from this look—a DIY destroyed T-shirt is great paired with shiny sunnies. A torn shirt is a vital piece in anyone’s summer wardrobe, since it’s comfortable and adds a vintage style to any casual look.

The DIY aesthetic is very subtle in his look but as a whole, the styling brings it out. His handmade triangle necklace is made from renewable sources. This Fashionisto was creative by carving a piece of wood and making it into something reusable and fashionable.

Staying true to his skateboarding roots, he accessorizes with a Thrasher Magazine five-panel hat. He completes his ensemble with cigarette pants and dirty Vans. These items are perfect for any summer day at the skatepark and on the city streets.

How To: Don’t want to ruin a new T-shirt? No sweat! Go to your local thrift store or consignment shop for the best T-shirt to destroy. Just make sure your outfit is in tune with the shirt. Keep it casual, or try the grunge look with black boots and an oversized flannel around your waist.