You’ve heard it from all of us Style Gurus time and time again: layers are key. Just from looking at the photos, it’s clear that this Fashionista has that covered. She’s got her head covered, her coat is long enough to keep her whole body warm and she’s got thick stockings on underneath her skirt (which was a daring choice in this cold front!). However, I’m not here to talk about how this Fashionista rocks layers. Something else about her caught my eye. All she had to do was take her hands out of her pocket for a split second to know I needed to stop her.

Rings on rings. This Fashionista had rings flowing out of her pockets. She layered on all different colors, shapes and sizes to make her look pop on an otherwise gray day (she was in a rush, so excuse the unfocused photo). She did, before scurrying off to class, let me know that each and every one of these rings were thrifted! She daringly slipped on a different ring onto every one of her fingers, not sparing any. A bold move, but one that will surely be noticed. Now it’s your turn!

How To: This Fashionista was brave in her jewelry choice, and it’s not hard for you to mock this same bravery. Simply dress yourself up in a million layers so that you have this cold weather tackled, so you can move on to the more important stuff: accessories. Once you’ve put on so many layers you can barely move your arms, slip on every ring that you own. Gold, silver, plastic—put them all on. You’ll be noticed.