ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter Wonderland

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter Wonderland

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the winter months are in full swing, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to sit in bed in a cozy sweatshirt watching movies until it’s finally “sunny and 75” again. But the reality is we all have work, school, and other life duties that will surely force us to be somewhat productive human beings. So if we’re going to be out and about during these cold months we may as well look amazing (and stay warm) while we’re at it.

It’s no secret that tights are in this winter. They are every year because they add warmth when you want to wear that darling dress or skirt but don’t want to turn into a walking popsicle. This year, however, I’ve noticed a lot more printed tights. I think they’re wonderful for breaking up the monotony of an all-black ensemble, and they can be styled to look super chic. I love the polka-dotted ones this lovely gal chose because they add a little more flare to her outfit without being at all obnoxious (and I freaking love polka dots so enough said).

She is also totally working this maroon skirt. I absolutely love maroon, especially during the winter months. It’s the perfect color to spice up any outfit comprised of your favorite neutrals like black, white, and tan. This mini skirt would be lovely on its own, but the pleated detail along with the silver buttons take it to a whole other level, one that I am more than willing to rise to. This skirt is also the perfect length because it shows just the right amount of leg and complements her boots nicely. These over-the-knee boots are great because they bunch up in all the right places and the heels are high enough that they elongate her legs without making it impossible for her to walk. Over-the-knee boots are one of the most effortlessly chic items you can have in your closet, too!

This outfit is all around fabulous and you should probably recreate it, like now!