Happy New Year! It’s January. The month of January in the Midwest means cold, cold, cold. Anybody who has experienced cold weather has experienced the awful “would I rather look cute or be warm” decision. It is so easy to just put on a pair of sweats and call it a day, but do not do that! There are many ways to stay warm and stylish, and this Fashionista is killing it.

When I saw her faux fur vest, I could not look away. One, it looked super comfy and soft. Two, it is so cute. A black dress is always a good idea. The dress pairs wonderfully with the vest. For her shoes, she chose taupe thigh-high boots. Wearing thigh-highs is rather clever because they block out the cold from getting onto your legs.  She even snuck in knee-high socks underneath for extra warmth. Her Kate Spade purse is incredibly cute. It is also large enough to fit gloves and a hat—things you need to stay warm on cold winter days. To top off the look she added a very small gold choker. I’m obsessed with neutrals, so I always think they are a good idea. I love how she stuck with neutrals for this look; it is very classy. Her look is something you can wear for a day shopping or a nice night out.

She absolutely conquered the “would I rather look cute or be warm” debate by doing both so perfectly. So, if you’re trying to stay warm but also look cute, this look is one to copy!

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