ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter to Spring

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter to Spring

Another month has already passed by, and I can’t believe the semester is already almost over! As the summer draws closer, I can’t help but think about wearing shorts and packing my winter coat away. Unfortunately, we haven’t been blessed with warm enough weather yet, and because I’ve lived in Minnesota my entire life, I won’t keep my hopes up. This Fashionista found a way to wear her winter clothing while adding jewelry that gives hints of spring.

One of the best ways to transition into spring clothing is to start by wearing fun jewelry pieces. The bold necklace this Fashionista is wearing brings her sweater from winter to spring in an instant! The yellow tint adds another color to her outfit and complements her soft pink sweater perfectly. Her sweater is lightweight and simple which balances out the boldness of her necklace.

Another trend this Fashionista is sporting is her bangles. This trend has become very popular recently, and I am obsessed. There are so many different ways you can wear them. The combinations are endless. The muted-colored bangles complement her sweater perfectly while the diamond studded ones remind us of the shiny boldness in her necklace.

The final detail that works incredibly well with this outfit is her ripped denim jeans. These allow her to show some leg even though the weather prohibits her from wearing shorts. The distressed denim makes the outfit casual for class and gives another hint of spring. The medium wash reminds me of the in between season we are in right now: not in the deep dark wash of winter, but not quite in the light and bright wash of spring yet.