ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter Reflection

March 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

Today’s fashion forecast is cloudy with a chance of ripped denim, trench coats and neutrals. Realistically it’s still winter, but with fluctuating temperatures outside, your wardrobe may feel on edge. Well, I’m here to help you through today’s forecast. The warm winter breeze is rising and feels like summer on the beach, but we aren’t quite there yet. I get it. Often times you may leave the room with all intentions on looking chic, and the only thing that stands in your way is the local forecast.

Do not worry any longer, your fashion forecaster is here with the latest update on this winter’s durable detailed weather pieces. We’ve seen plenty of trench coats and ripped jeans paired with black and nude, but we haven’t seen this combination quite yet. This winter has went from oversized sweaters  and boots to light layers and the new trending Kanye West look. Fashion trends are ever changing like the winter weather here in Towson, MD.

Regardless of the cold weather, you can still be the Fashionista/o that you want to be. This Fashionisto has paired his favorite gold-chained bracelet, black ripped denim, with the perfect olive button-up, sand colored adidas by Pharrell Williams, with an umber colored trench coat and reflective book bag. The olive button-up, sand colored sneakers, and umber coat all work as a neutral outfit for heading to class, for mid-winter. The details did not stop there. To warm things up and spring his wardrobe forward, he cuffed his ripped skinny jeans and grabbed his Superdry reflective tarp book bag—literally adds flavor to his wardrobe—to give it a pop of metallic.

Dare to be different. Metallics and black ripped jeans can never point you  in the wrong fashion direction, whether, rain, snow, or heat you have all the tools need to pull off this look with your own personal style. This Fashionisto has pulled off an effortless neutral look which is completed with his own eye catching details.

How To: Everyone has ripped denim, right? (If you don’t, they are a must-have) Take a step into the wild and pull out your favorite nude shoes, trench coat and add some variety to this neutral look, with any reflective accessory.