February 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Are these six weeks of winter over yet? Hampton University (along with the rest of the East Coast) has yet to receive a break from the multiple winter storms. Between below freezing temperatures and inches of snow, how can anyone manage to really show off their personal style? With the gloomy weather incorporating bright colors can help…well brighten your day. On a rare winter day where the sun was shining, I spotted a Fashionista from across the way in bold hues. She stood out amongst the sea of gray, black and blue that was in the student center that afternoon.

This Fashionista showed that bright colors can work for any season. She sported a rich blue sweater with a neon pink collared shirt underneath. For her collar she accented it with a gold and black necklace that included black ribbon and diamonds around the necklace. She wore a dark pair of denim jeans matched with a pair of suede brown boots. Finally she completed her look with a black oversized coat that was very thick (to protect her from the harsh winds and temperatures) and her neon orange backpack.

How To: Trying to combat the arctic blast while still staying true to your personal style? Bright, colorful hues will get you through these last weeks of winter. Pair a bright or neon color top with a neutral pair of jeans. Or even rock a bright tote that you haven’t worn since summer to get you through the school day. Bold hues are here to help you, so do not be afraid to experiment with them despite the season.