ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter Glamorous

The weather these days is absolutely brutal here at the University of Rhode Island. It is getting painful to even walk to class with the negative degree weather. Yes, it is freezing outside but that is no excuse to give up your style. There are so many ways to keep warm while still dressing to impress.

This Fashionista caught my eye with her stylish winter accessories. She is wearing a very casual outfit, but the accessories she chose to dress up her outfit were the perfect choice. She is wearing a black winter head wrap to keep her ears from freezing off. The way her head wrap hugs her head is super warm and adorable.

Sunglasses in my opinion are a must with every ensemble, but they are especially useful when the sun bounces off the snow covered grounds. She is wearing a pair of huge square black sunglasses, which tie in with her head wrap and make for a chic look.

To complete her outfit, she threw on a long black parka and a pair of tan Steve Madden knee-high boots. Although this Fashionista’s outfit is super laid back and easy, she made it look effortlessly flawless with her accessories. There is no reason the cold should stop us from looking our best.

How To: Woke up today and want desperately to throw on sweats because of the cold? Do not give in to the peer pressure the weather is putting on us. Throw on your warmest winter coat and add trendy accessories to dress to kill. Pair a warm headband or hat with cute sunglasses and leather gloves.