ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter Edition

December 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

The holidays are quickly approaching and what a better reminder than the temperatures significantly dropping. I feel like I was just wearing shorts in November and… I actually was. This year’s seasons have definitely taken us all by surprise but I could not be more excited that winter is finally here! You bet I was that one kid smiling on her way to finals during our first snowfall. Sorry not sorry—snow is life.

The not so fun part of snow is obviously how cold everything gets but honestly, I just see it as an opportunity to bundle up with hats and scarf and gloves and as many warm things as possible. Tis the season for pom poms! If you say you’re not incredibly excited for this, you’re lying to yourself.

This incredible Fashionista has managed to wear as many accessories as possible while looking rad! Her pom pom hat was definitely the first thing to come my attention. Imagine walking around and have your pom pom jump up and down as you go. I may or may not do this on purpose all the time and it makes my day so much better! Some pom poms have an even bigger purpose!

Her thick cozy scarf is definitely keeping her warm while adding a little something to her sweater. I don’t know about you but I don’t wear much jewelry in winter since it gets so cold on my skin. A blanket scarf is the way to tackle this, be warm and still look put together!

Finally, one of my favorite parts of this outfit are also her boots. Duck boots are everywhere these days! They keep our feet warm and dry: basically all we need in life. When getting some new duck boots, remember to get some that speak to your style! So many fun and different duck boots have come out in the last year, there is definitely a pair for everyone!