ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter Comeback

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter Comeback

While my wardrobe and I are sitting over here waiting for spring, Mother Nature has decided to go a different direction by giving Western Canada a second round of full-fledged winter. Just as grass began to peek through and lighter jackets started to emerge, the snow made a comeback a la Backstreet Boys. But, never fear! This Fashionista is here to inspire us all to embrace winter fashion a little while longer.

This outfit is perfect for those days when it’s cold outside, but not Beyond The Wall cold. By layering up with a sweater, quilted vest and oversize scarf, this Fashionista is ready for a mild-but-still-chilly winter day. Her red knit adds a pop of rich, yet subtle, color to this overall neutral palette, and her cream vest brings some light into the outfit. My favorite pieces in this look are the color-block blanket scarf and on-trend classic winter boots. This scarf adds some interest without being overwhelming and also ties together the warm and cool tones. These boots are not only cozy and functional but, together with her vest, add the quintessential winter vibe.

Not into vests or stuck in even worse weather? Just layer your go-to winter jacket over top for a slightly different look with more warmth. You can also try out different colors and patterns of scarves to make the outfit your own, or just play with layers in a way that best suits your style.

Even though many of us who are snowed in may be wishing for spring to come sooner, I encourage you to go through your winter favorites, and give them one last hoorah!