March 1st, 2017 at 2:10am

The winter season may pose a threat to many people’s outfits because of the cold weather. I know I miss my beloved skirts and sandals. Winter clothing is also usually bulkier, which makes it hard to look neat and clean-cut. However, this Fashionisto managed to put together a sleek outfit that still protected him from the wind and flurries.

Instead of reaching for your down parka or puffer, reach for a wool coat with a streamlined silhouette. To keep warm, layer up! This Fashionisto is wearing a striped button-down with a crew neck sweater over it. His pants are straight cut, which makes them fitted, but not too tight. However, what impressed me the most about his outfit was his choice of footwear.

My favorite pair of winter boots are my black, leather Dr. Martens. They are perfect for stomping around in the snow, but not the best to wear to a formal or even semi-casual event. I’ve tried wearing them with dresses, but they just stick out. However, this Fashionisto is wearing a pair of Dr. Martens with a canvas textile upper in a color that complements his whole outfit.

The textile and color of the boot makes it blend in with his whole ensemble, which is a mix of neutrals—gray and light brown. This color palette works really well because it is balanced, so nothing looks out of place. Now this Fashionisto is ready for a day in the office or a casual interview, and also doesn’t have to worry about trekking through the snow.