ALL IN THE DETAILS: Window Pane Blue

Greetings Fashionistas! I hope your fall semester is in full swing and if not, I hope it is off to a great start. This week, I am bringing you all something completely different and hoping to offer some helpful advice to all you Fashionistos out there. Although the summer heat is still ablaze, I am here to help you keep it cool. This week we are focusing on fabrics, so buckle in and let’s get started to beat the heat.

First and foremost, for all those Fashionistos out there, you know that in order to keep it classy, a nice pair of pants is always the way to go. However, those can be an accessory to your exhaustion as you burn up by not letting your skin breathe. So, in order to help you keep your chest cool, I suggest opting for shirts with thinner fabrics, mostly cotton. Also, in the heat, you want to make sure whatever you wear is part a lighter color palette because those darker colors will soak up the sun’s heat. Therefore, make sure to avoid darker colors.

This Fashionisto did an excellent job creating the perfect, classy summer look. He chose to center his outfit around a well-fitting, window pane printed button-down shirt. The top is the best type of fabric to allow breeze to flow through it without losing its form. The light colors of the top create an excellent contrast with the dark pants. Most importantly, this Fashionisto rolled up the cuffs of his pants past his ankles to create an effortless, tailored look. Lastly, he topped off the look with a classic watch, some clean, white sneakers and elegant opticals.

I hope this helped all you fellow Fashionistos manage the heat without having to compromise your class. See you all next week!

How To: Grab your favorite linen or cotton button-up and pair it with a dark pair of bottoms, whether it be shorts or long pants. Cuff your bottoms, put on a pair of sneakers and sunnies and you’re good to go!