ALL IN THE DETAILS: Windbreaker is a Heartbreaker

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Windbreaker is a Heartbreaker

Sometimes summer days cool down, and those muscle tanks need to be put away in exchange for a jacket. However, it can be hard to choose a jacket that isn’t too hot, heavy or bulky for summer. You want to maintain a summery look without having to deal with being cold, especially at places like the beach where it can get windy and pretty cold at night. This proves to be no problem for this Fashionisto, who seems to have the perfect jacket for such situations—an interesting, ’90s-inspired windbreaker. This windbreaker keeps him warm while also keeping his look cool.

By layering this stylish windbreaker on top of a T-shirt, this Fashionisto amps up his look. The windbreaker adds a vintage element, as it is reminiscent of the windbreakers that were very popular during the ’90s. This vintage look is balanced out by the addition of the modern T-shirt and khaki shorts. This Fashionisto also made the right move by pairing a fitted short with the windbreaker jacket, as the windbreaker is more loosely fitted. The neutral blocks of color on the windbreaker make it interesting and a fashion statement without it being too garish.

This Fashionisto accessorizes with mirrored Ray-Ban sunglasses that act to both protect his eyes from the summer sun and make his outfit that much cooler. The yellow tones in the sunglasses against the neutral colors of his windbreaker, shorts and T-shirt add a pop of color to his outfit.

How To: Balance is key to picking out a windbreaker to wear. If you pick a windbreaker that is brightly colored, you want to make sure to pair it with more neutral colors to avoid your outfit looking too costume-y and like you are going to a ’90s throwback party! If you pick a more neutral colored windbreaker, you have some wiggle room, so you can choose to keep the entire look neutral or add a pop of color. Additionally, since windbreakers are pretty loose fitting, you’ll want to stay away from loose shorts, skirts or dresses as it can look a bit messy.