Let me just start off by saying that the rain has been pretty relentless these past few weeks in Seattle. That means a lot of rain boots and rain jackets are being worn right now. Honestly, I feel like dressing for rain weather can be a little tough at times especially when you’re commuting. When I walked into class and saw this Fashionisto’s outfit I just had to take his pictures. He gave me motivation to not just throw on leggings and a cute top.

P.S. I’m excited to be writing my first Fashionisto post! These are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken so far!

Now onto this Fashionisto’s outfit. The jacket, boots, clutch, top etc.…all flow so well together. Windbreakers are usually worn only for the purpose to keep you warm and dry from rain or wind. When worn as part of an outfit it’s usually with a pair of sweatpants and athletic shoes; a very simple outfit. But not for this Fashionisto; the windbreaker and the clutch pull the whole ensemble together. The color of clutch was the right choice as any other color would’ve made the outfit too busy since the top is patterned with leaves and the rips in the jeans aren’t subtle. Adding the necklace and chain draws your main focus away from the shirt, it helps that it’s gold because silver would blend in with the top.

Those boots were made for walking! No but really these lace up Hunter rain boots adds that downtown feel to this look. The camel tan color is just right, not to bright or dark and they complement his hair color and the dark brown belt nicely. This look made a bold statement on this gray day.

How To: If you like the look but you’re not sure about the clutch, find one without detailing, structure or large in size so it doesn’t look like a tablet cover. If you just can’t get down with the clutch look then a backpack would still give it a stylish look.