ALL IN THE DETAILS: White is the New Black

July 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

As we approach mid-July, our tans begin to set in and it is time to slightly change our wardrobes to fit our new skin tone. Before, light and colorless, it made sense to stick to darker colors with more pigment so that we could avoid looking “washed out” if you will. Now, it is time to quit shying away from the lighter colors, whether that be in your wardrobe or bathing suit, and take risks! It is time to break out the whites!

This Fashionista chose an outfit that complimented both her skin tone and hair in the most obvious way. The pastel colors draped over a white undertone served as a canvas to show off the natural color of her long hair, which falls beautifully down to her back. The black collar adds a dramatic pop of color that breaks up the pattern of her dress while also making the dress a little less formal.

The shoes that this Fashionista chose are summer-friendly and provide her with comfort as she rocks them in style. Again, she sticks to white, which matches her dress better than a nude or colored shoe would. The cork that makes up the wedge of her shoe provides a casual touch to her outfit. If she chose to wear heels with this outfit instead of wedges, the entire look would be altered.

As for accessories, she keeps it simple. Personally, I think that she made a smart choice by wearing silver accents instead of gold. Typically, I would select gold if wearing something all white. In this Fashionista’s case, the color splashes on her dress would clash with gold accents. Also, I would recommend steering clear of any necklaces when wearing a collared piece. Simplicity is key!

How To: Nervous about wearing white? Start off small! Before jumping into an all-white ensemble, try wearing a piece such as our Fashionista is wearing! White accessories such as a hat or bag also have the capability of bringing out your natural color. Love the skin you are in!