Guess what everyone, monochromatic minimalism is here to stay. Yep, it’s not going anywhere—and that’s my professional opinion. While some of you choose to rock bold prints this summer, I’m opting for neutral palettes, and so is this Fashionista. White garments are a great option to flaunt with a summer glow (unless you’re planning on hitting up some backyard barbecues of course). After all, most of us are still eagerly awaiting our white party invitations much like we waited for our Hogwarts letters on our 11th birthdays. So, break out your bright whites! After all, why do you need a party to get all dressed up?

This Fashionista brings a whole new meaning to the phrase we hear our family members rattle off when we’re “overdressed”—all dressed up with nowhere to go. Yes, apparently you can only look nice if you are attending an occasion worthy of the outfit. Well, in the words of Cher Horowitz from the iconic film Clueless, I say, “Ugh, as if!” This fashion guru pulls off this all-white ensemble flawlessly and simply by not only keeping the color palette minimalistic, but the accessorizing as well.

This Fashionista’s high-neck dress is timeless and classy thanks to its silhouette and lace overlay. The color of the dress pops against her skin and brings out the natural highlights within her hair, adding dimension to the look. She also adds a little sparkle with unexpected peep-toe pumps.

Try out this look with separate pieces as well; don’t be daunted by matching separates! With this look there’s no need to worry about making sure that every item you wear is the same exact shade of white. Some variation will create an interest factor. Just remember that for this look you should probably leave the statement necklace at home.

How To: It doesn’t get much easier than this—wear all-white! Keep the accessorizing to a minimum and let the color palette do all the work, just like Olivia Pope and this Fashionista. Don’t let your spontaneous summer plans hold you back from wearing optic colors. Just incase stains come your way, have a stain remover stick on-hand so your garment can live to tell the tale.