ALL IN THE DETAILS: Where Are All the Men At?

March 9th, 2017 at 2:00am

Who gets excited when you see a well-dressed man? I bet a lot of us ladies do! Men can be just as fashionable as ladies, if not more fashionable in some instances. The coined term for a stylish man is a Fashionisto. Men do not receive as much credit as ladies in the fashion industry in some circumstances. Although, some men have just as much knowledge when putting together a fashion forward look or outfit. Marvelous male designers like Marc Jacobs or Tom Ford have created stunning garments and we fashion forward people idolize them for their work. So ladies, we need to give men a little more credit!

“All in the Details” is a phrase meaning all the details put into a look or outfit. This Fashionisto is rocking this all black look (whoever said you can not wear all black is obviously wrong). Black is a very flattering color and honestly looks good on everyone. In this Fashionisto’s outfit, he decided to pair his all-black pants, sweater and trench coat look with black booties and a belt. To complete his look, he added a designer watch, a gold necklace, and designer sunglasses. This rad outfit would be great to go to class, a party, or even a interview. He spiced up simple garments and let me tell you, he slayed the scene!

Do you see how easy it is? All it takes is a little accessory to make a huge statement. Fashionistos do not be afraid to be who you are and look stylish. Men have just as much style knowledge as us ladies, so use it and create the perfect look.