ALL IN THE DETAILS: When It Rains, It Purrs

Nothing screams fall like that first cool, brisk brush of air that hits you, yet somehow it still always catches us off guard. If only summer could last forever, right? Whether it’s cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon or vice versa, styling an outfit during transitioning seasons can get a little tricky. Sometimes styling your way through these seasons is as simple as one little detail that ties into both the fun, wild attitude of summer and the cool, chic feel of fall. As a girl who tends to lean towards very monochromatic looks, I think it’s safe to say that an all black ensemble is my absolute favorite because let’s be honest, we all have a little Wednesday Addams inside us.

Even as a lover of dark colors, I understand that wearing all black can seem daunting, and can even be seen as a way to blend in with the crowd. This Fashionista knew exactly how to add little details in her outfit to make her all black ensemble stand out before it even came close to blending in. Who knew that rain boots could be as fashionable as any other pair of boots? Whether your rain boot print of choice is cheetah print, polka-dots or maybe even a bright, pretty pastel, experimenting with prints and colors in unexpected places is an effortless way to tie style into your outfits.

This Fashionista had no fear when it came to playing with prints this gloomy fall day. In addition to her pop of print, pairing the loud shoes with a toned down black pair of jeans, black T-shirt and a black hat gave her shoes the attention they deserved.

This monochromatic look is perfect for the unpredictable weather patterns that are all too common in-between summer and fall. Unfortunately, these overcast days in the fashion world have a bad rep. To most, the sight of rain clouds and harsh wind hints towards a day to take it easy when it comes to fashion: an excuse to put on a pair of black leggings and maybe even a big sweatshirt. It can be easy to get in the rut of matching your outfit’s color pallet to the color of the sky, but keep in mind that these are generally the best days to experiment with prints and statement pieces. Sometimes a small pop of print or color is all you need to give a simple outfit the flair it needs to stand out no matter what the season.

How To: Want to give your outfit a little more rain protection? Add a black floppy hat to help protect you from potential rainstorms. They’re a lot easier to match to your outfit than an umbrella, not to mention giving your outfit a little extra bohemian flair!