ALL IN THE DETAILS: When in a Sea of Sneakers...

ALL IN THE DETAILS: When in a Sea of Sneakers...

A great outfit is never complete without an excellent pair of shoes. In most cases, the choice of footwear is the factor that determines the direction the ensemble is headed. For example, a form-fitting mini dress can look ready for a night out with a killer pair of stilettos, or you can toss on a pair of adidas Superstars and head to class without changing any other aspect of the look.

I’ve always been drawn to a good pair of boots, especially on a guy. In a sea of sneakers (although there’s nothing wrong with those!), it’s always nice to see something different such as boots. This Fashionisto’s leather pair caught my eye, and as I was taking his photos, a passerby complimented his footwear, too.

His outfit was layered and comfortable, perfect for running errands in the windy city of San Francisco. Instead of a cotton pullover hoodie, this Fashionisto opted for a more grown-up look in a quarter-zip fleece. In order to keep the wind out and to be prepared for any potential rain he threw a black parka on over his fleece. Durable jeans are a must in the city, whether commuting on foot, by bike or by lightrail, so this Fashionisto chose a classic black pair. With an outfit like this, he could’ve simply chosen a pair of sneakers; however, he chose to reach for his classy leather boots to pull it all together.

How To: Maybe you’ve always been a sneakers kind of guy and you think that sliding on some boots wouldn’t mesh well with your style. Never fear! You don’t need the fanciest pair of boots in order to nail this look. Try a casual lace-up boot with a round toe to ease into the style without feeling out of your element. Boots go well with just about any outfit, but can look more put together than a pair of scuffed-up Converse.