One of my favorite things about fashion is that there are always trends that resurface from the past. Recently, the ’90s has been the big decade of focus in fashion and in pop culture in general. From iconic TV shows such as Friends and Full House being revived and binge watched on Netflix, to fashion pieces such as chokers and crop tops being spotted just about everywhere, the ’90s is back in full force.

One trend from the ’90s that has been resurfacing lately is the ever-so-classic, Dr. Martens boot. Beginning as a working boot in the ’60s, they were originally designed to protect the feet of working class men. One of the first people to revive Dr. Martens was The Who’s Pete Townshend, who rocked the boots on stage at a concert during the psychedelic ’70s era. The youth culture noticed that Townshend looked different with this rebellious fashion statement. When the ’90s rolled around, a time of youth rebellion, Dr.Martens were the shoe to have.

Today, Dr. Martens come in countless styles such as boots, shoes, heels and even sandals. I spotted this Fashionista sporting these rad Dr. Martens steel-toed shoes. Straying away from the original boot, this style is unique in the way that the multi-tonal metallic finish of the toe contrasts the black leather upper, making for a really cool pair of kicks that bring together this ’90s-inspired outfit.

This Fashionista paired a simple pair of black ankle socks with her shoes to add to the grunge look. Moving onto her clothes, she wore a plaid skirt along with a blue top to match. To complete this awesome look, she added a beautiful black leather jacket to bring this vintage style together. She kept it simple with accessories by sticking to her classic silver rings.

How To: Is rocking a pair of Dr. Martens out of your comfort zone? A concert is a great excuse to try out this style of shoe. Concerts are filled with so many fashion statements and the perfect place to make yours.