While abroad, I have been able to connect with a student ministry here in London. The college ministry is part of a larger church within London and is also connected to my church back home in California. Having that community in the city and so far away from home has been such a blessing. For a special retreat, the leaders of our church group took us to this castle that is four hours away from London (and WiFi) for a few days. Being able to spend a weekend relaxing in the snow-covered mountains while sipping English breakfast tea was amazing. The other students not only have fantastic personalities, but fantastic wardrobes as well.

This Fashionista adjusted her style to suit that of living in the cold mountains for a weekend. She did not lower her standards because she knew she was going to be in a castle. To stay warm, she layered a striped sweater over a denim button-up and added an olive green coat. What’s fun about this coat is its plethora of pockets and faux fur lining. She wore a gold necklace in an effort to add sparkle to her granola-esque weekend wear. She added a black purse and cuffed pants to keep her outfit fun and functional. My favorite aspect of this Fashionista’s look was her footwear. She went for unique socks that kept her toes warm in the snowy weather. But the part that really amped up her outfit was her Dr. Martens. They were a deep burgundy leather, which contrasted her neutral look. They were stylish and comfortable, perfect for a weekend getaway.

Going for neutral looks with a color to tie it all together is a great way to turn heads on the street. Here is a pair of leather sandals that would be perfect with an all-black outfit.

How To: Let’s say you are going out for a day of errands and want to look effortlessly glamorous without being too posh. What’s a girl to do? Rock black confidently from head to toe in a fabulous hat and grungy Dr. Martens.