Typically, it is hard for boys to find new ways to accessorize and so they tend to end up wearing just the bare minimum. Clothes are great but they can get boring on their own. While boys don’t necessarily need to throw on tons of accessories, this Fashionisto shows that even that little extra something is enough to make him stand out.

I am personally a huge fan of all things monochromatic, but I’ll also be the first to tell you that a pop of color is essential to keep an outfit interesting. This Fashionisto spices up his all-black ensemble by wearing a chunky, gold watch. Watches are the perfect accessories for menswear because they are practical and also stylish.

He pairs a simple black tank with a pair of black skinny jeans. The tank is longer in the back than in the front which I found interesting. This style has become popular lately thanks to some famous fashionable men and a nice change from your standard plain tank. On his feet the Fashionisto wears black adidas sneakers with gold embellishments that tie perfectly with his watch. Hidden under his jeans are some funky socks just to mix things up. They stick to his theme of dark colors while not exactly staying the same as the rest of his black outfit. All together look is very streamlined and efficient for running errands or just hanging out.

How To: Throw on your favorite color, monochrome of course, and grab a chunky watch. This is a very simple look that still appears sophisticated and well put together.