ALL IN THE DETAILS: What Juno About Snow?

When the weather gets frightful, at least fashion is always there to be delightful. After being stuck inside for a few days, Juno definitely didn’t get the best of me. Once we were able to have classes again, I felt it necessary to dress to impress and so did my other Fashionistas. While trying to stay as warm as possible, Fashionistas were seen bundled up in their fluffy jackets and snow boots. This Fashionista in particular fully embodied what a Sacred Heart University girl looks like when a snowstorm takes over.

Her head-to-toe look was simply effortless, showcasing her sophisticated and classy style. She had on an olive-colored Michael Kors winter jacket, paired with a Marc Jacobs chain bracelet and The North Face snow boots. While wearing this outfit, she was ready to take on anything Jack Frost was throwing her way. Since coming to college, I have learned that it’s crucial to invest in a solid pair of snow boots. If your boots don’t protect you from the cold, then what’s the point of wearing them?

This winter, L.L.Bean came out with snow boots that made every girls heart skip a beat. Their snow boots are the hottest trend on my campus, and almost every girl has a pair. These chic worker boots are a perfect addition to your own authentic, winter look. This Fashionista rocked The North Face boots, but any company with a similar style will work to pull off this look.

How To: To replicate her sophisticated attire, all you need to do is whip out your most trendy winter jacket. Accessorizing it with a belt makes it extra rad. Then slip on either leggings or jeans, and pair them with your new snow boots. To make these fashionable boots extra warm, you can add high socks to give it some more style. This Fashionista did a terrific job melting the snow in this classy outfit, and now it’s your turn to do the same!