In my opinion, stripes are probably one of the greatest additions to fashion. Stripes can be worn at almost any occasion, and they can be made dressy or casual. They can transform an outfit in any way needed.

If you look in my closet, you will most likely find about 20 striped shirts and about 10 striped dresses. Stripes are a major staple in my wardrobe. That is why I had to capture this fabulous striped ensemble. This Fashionista is wearing a casual look great for a casual day out with friends. In this look, the stripes are not big and bold. They are more of a subtle addition to add a pattern to this already fabulous outfit.

If worn the wrong way, stripes can make even the tiniest of people appear to be wider than they actually are. By adding jackets or vests to a striped dress or shirt, the danger of appearing twice your size diminishes. The denim jacket in this outfit adds to this look while still giving a little peek of the stripes. Denim jackets are coming back in style, and this is a great way to wear one. When it comes to shoes, Birkenstocks are also making a reappearance into the fashion scene. They are perfect if you are walking around all day and don’t want to wear tennis shoes that will ruin a look. After moving to California, I saw quite a few people sporting these sandals, and with every person that passed I wanted to go buy a pair for myself.

How To: Stripes will always be a classic look, so why not throw on a classic navy and white striped top with a pair of solid navy shorts? Add in some gold jewelry and Tory Burch sandals, and you will be ready to hop on the first plane to The Hamptons.