ALL IN THE DETAILS: Watch Your Back(pack)

April 15th, 2015 at 2:10am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Watch Your Back(pack)

To many, hearing the word “backpack” may conjure up negative thoughts of lugging textbooks across campus or following the leader in a single file grade school line. It’s time to think again because this accessory is making a comeback in very cool way. From vibrant patterns to sleek, leather styles, the backpack has made its way onto many runways and spread all over street style for this spring.

This Fashionista has mastered a boho-chic look with an effortlessly cool feeling written all over this outfit. She has on a pair of white, cutoff denim shorts paired with a loose silk tank top. Over the tank top, she has on a floral, silk kimono with dangling fringe detail along the ends. She accessorizes this look with a long, fringing necklace and, for the finishing touch, a way too cool for school backpack.

This Fashionista’s backpack is about as fun as accessories come. The vibrant colors and playful patterns make a bold statement while bringing a light-hearted attitude to her look. Not only is its sheer style impossible to ignore, but it is equally as functional. Whether you’re traveling around this summer or just simply hanging out outdoors around campus this weekend, a backpack is the perfect accessory to hold all your essentials.

Still not as crazy as I am about the backpack? This backpack by Stela 9, along with many other awesome designers, is committed to creating handmade, socially responsible merchandise that supports struggling Guatemalan artisans. Styling with this type of backpack will not only bring energy to any look, but you can become a part of a more socially responsible fashion world.

How To: Tired of trying to cram everything you need for the day in your small, cross-body bag? Trade it in for the backpack. This cool accessory comes in all different patterns, shapes, sizes and even materials. Whether you want this Fashionista’s boho look or a more chic, feminine style, the backpack can be just the right accessory you need to update your wardrobe this spring!