ALL IN THE DETAILS: Wanted: Neon for Spring

Sunglasses (especially neon ones) remind me of warm summer days filled with fun in the sun, whether that day is a picnic at the park, laying on a sandy beach or riding a bike. Although, it seems like eons ago since I experienced spring or any warm weather for that matter. Sunglasses also happen to be great fashion statements that anyone can rock. In fact, they have been iconic style trends for decades now, whether it was Audrey Hepburn with her slight cat-eye shades in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, John Lennon’s round-brimmed glasses or Anna Wintor’s classic dark frames. Overall, sunglasses are the perfect go-to accessory for any outfit, and they happen to be one of the most picture-perfect trends for any season.

I caught this Fashionista rocking her own bright neon green sunglasses. Although she sported matching neon pants and checkered scarf, this Fashionista definitely needed her cool shades to protect her eyes from her very hot outfit. The rest of this Fashionista’s attire consisted of a gray coat to keep her extra toasty from the chilly wind, black combat boots for additional attitude and a cupcake beanie (with a cherry on top) that instantly gave character and humor to her attire. The upbeat, pink lipstick was the final touch to an overall and flawless neon wardrobe. Personally, nothing states confidence and sophistication like sporting bright neon colors. With neon colors incorporated into winter attire, who wants spring to arrive? I’m just kidding; I still can’t wait for spring.

How To: Still waiting for spring weather? No worries! Just pair your favorite neon sunglasses with matching neon pants and an equally bright scarf. Don’t forget to wear your warm coat, combat boots and a cute beanie to finish off the look.