ALL IN THE DETAILS: Wacky Weather Woes

The weather on the east coast has seriously freaked many of us out, in a good and bad way.  The 70-degree weather is a plus, but I don’t know if that’s a good sign for our environment.  Anyway, with this weather, it can be quite confusing what to wear.  What’s an appropriate outfit for weather that changes from warm to chilly as the day goes on?  

The perfect chunky scarf can bring some fun to a look, with an added layer of warmth if need be.  This beautiful Fashionista decided to take quite a preppy route, which is a staple, comfy and a cute look.  Layering is the key to dressing for indecisive weather, so having a neutral shirt, a quilted vest and chunky scarf can be as versatile as you make it. Black jeans with cool details like these, and ankle boots, add a bit of flare and formality to a simple look.  You just can’t go wrong with classics when relying on a look to impress.

This look is easily achievable to anyone because it’s made using simple items that most people own.  The key is to keep every item neutral and simple; not to overwhelm the look with different patterns and contrasting colors.  The scarf is just enough detail to make the outfit stand out.  Details can make or break an outfit.  Change things up by simply adding something small, but impactful to your entire look!

How To: Not a fan of this particular scarf?  Here is one that is simple, but still has an element of warmth to add to those layers!