If there’s one trend that I’ve loved this summer, it’s abundance of bohemian-chic looks taking the fashion world by storm. The vintage ‘70s vibes are effortlessly cool and the easy, breezy styles are perfect for a lazy day relaxing in the sun. And what could be more fitting a bohemian setting than at a completely Woodstock-esque festival set in the Redwood forest? I met this Fashionista during the Northern Nights Music Festival in northern California, and she more than embodied the ideals of peace, love and happiness.

Her paisley blue skirt invokes feelings of calm, bringing about carefree memories of watching the clouds or strolling along the ocean. Her fun, woven pattern TOMS shoes are not only beautiful to look at, but they also help to support a truly beautiful cause. And her metallic, feather necklace speaks of a fearless attitude and a deep connection with nature. Finally, by adding light makeup and an effortless, windswept hairstyle, this Fashionista is more than ready to rock-and-roll the night away.

How To: If you’re hoping to find authentic pieces without the expensive price tag, look no further than your local second-hand thrift shop or consignment store. Or better yet, go rooting through your parent’s attic for some retro findings that no doubt hold a story or two. Remember that it is always easy to have a RAD-looking piece tailored, so don’t be afraid to try on all sizes. Throw some Janis Joplin on the record player to get the good vibes going and happy hunting!