ALL IN THE DETAILS: Vests Are A Girl's Best Friend

The weather here at Lindenwood University is getting a little colder each week and the end of fall semester is coming around the corner. College students know what that means. It means that you want to stay indoors, and not have to worry about adding more layers for this chilly weather and go to class. However, Fashionistas still need to go to class and dress up with their RAD style for the weather. So, how does a Fashionista stay warm along with expressing her RAD style?

You just simply add a vest with that sweater, of course! Vests are perfect when you just want to add a little something on the top of your outfit to stay warm for this fall season. Vests can also add a little pop to those must-have basics that everyone needs, such as a simple white sweater. There a multiple different vests that a Fashionista could decide on: plaid, fur, solid colored vests and many more to add to your collection.

This Fashionista completes her fall outfit with some dark wash jeans, a pair of brown wedges, along with a cross-body purse and a light green necklace to make that vest pop.

How To: Don’t know where to start with a vest? It’s simple. Vests can go with just about anything and everything, and fall weather is the perfect excuse to wear them. You’re not too cold nor too hot during this season. Make that vest the main focus of your complete look, add a few accessories and you’re ready to have a RAD day!