ALL IN THE DETAILS: Vested Interest

May 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

When you hear the word vest, you probably don’t equate it with a fancy or elegant outfit. Chances are you think of the usual suspects: the wintery puffer vest, the cut-off denim vest, the hippie fringe vest or perhaps the smock you had to wear as a part-timer at your hometown grocery store. But guess what ladies? These garments have a dressier, older sister. And we’re digging them. No longer is the vest confined to casual wear. There are a number of stylish, long vests on the market that are perfect for dressing up your look.

I spotted this Fashionista attending my university’s annual student–run fashion show. Her unique accessory made her look like a front row VIP. We’re talking Olsen twin status. The white-checkered pattern and dramatic length of her vest make it the perfect pivotal component to an otherwise neutral outfit. Black skinny jeans and a sleeveless black shirt allow the vest to take center stage. Meanwhile, her peep toe booties and an armful of bracelets add some extra pizzazz to her sleek look.

A vest is great piece to wear to events that require a polished dress code. Swap out the traditional blazer or blouse for a long vest in order to set your outfit apart. Whether you’re going to dinner and a show or a networking event on campus, a vest like this Fashionista’s is trendy and sophisticated all at once.

There you have it, fashion babes. The vest can be a standout item, worthy of a front row seat at a fashion show. Who knows? Someone might even mistake you for Mary-Kate or Ashley.

How To: Not sure how to pull off the vest trend? Pick out a neutral version and pair it with slim silhouettes like skinny jeans and pencil skirts. Let the vest add volume to an otherwise tailored look.