ALL IN THE DETAILS: Velveteen and Boho Dreams

December 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

Despite the several rainy days here in Madison, personal style is not dwindling. Fashionistas and Fashionistos are dressing to impress with their busy schedules, finals and work. I know that when I’m busy or stressed all it takes is a bomb outfit to keep me motivated and push through.  Style is important!

It’s all in the details for this Fashionista.  Her tan, striped hat and southwest-style booties vibe perfectly together, adding a casual bohemian, yet chic, element to the look.  They can be the go-to accessories for any outfit that needs a little groove.  I love the unexpected color combo of the hat and booties vs the blue velvet skirt and black leather jacket and top. That is another fantastic detail, making this Fashionista’s style killer.  On a side note, velvet is trending in fashion right now, so that skirt gets a huge thumbs up from me!

There is no skimping to be had on jewelry either! She is wearing gorgeous, oversized silver earrings with attitude and a silver sparkly rock ring to match.  The ring actually sparkles even when the sun isn’t out—it’s fantastic.  Both the earrings and ring only add to the bohemian chic style this fashionista is rocking.  Another awesome aspect of this look is that all the accessories including the hat, boots, earrings and ring can be added to any outfit to give it personality and character.  Now that’s pretty neat!

How To: By adding a hat, booties and funky jewelry to your outfit, anyone can be a bohemian goddess for a day! Just don’t forget your groovy attitude because that’s a must with this look!