Remember back in middle school wearing tunics was all the rage? Your shirt barely covered your behind so you were obligated to wear leggings and that usually involved sparkly sequins or embroidered flowers. You probably cringe when you think of what you used to wear back then. Fortunately, those days are over, but I’m here to tell you that tunics (AKA oversized T-shirts) are still in fact fashionable.

Though you can’t see it in the photos, this Fashionista is indeed wearing something underneath her vintage varsity oversized T-shirt—not leggings, but a pair of denim shorts. This was a smart choice because it allows her to show off her golden-bronze tan and long legs, while also making sure there are no Marilyn Monroe incidents, if you know what I mean! A native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this Fashionista knows what it’s like to live in warm climates. I met her at the shops at Worth Avenue while vacationing in Florida, one of the hottest (and most humid) places on the East Coast—and she knew exactly what to pack. This oversized T-shirt is perfect for vacation: it’s not too long, it’s not too thick and it’s super stylish! It’s also a great outfit to wear while shopping because it’s easy to slip on and off.

In addition to this stonewashed varsity T-shirt, this Fashionista is sporting a fresh pair of kicks: all-black Converse All-Stars. I am loving the contrast between her top and shoes. After seeing the way she sported these sneaks, I am dying to get myself a pair. One of my favorite parts of her outfit is her eye-catching silver bib necklace. It really ties the outfit together and adds to the bohemian-rocker vibe. And you can’t ignore her Givenchy handbag! The zipper on the strap looks so “rocker-chic” and adds a metallic structure to the black bag.

How To: It’s super easy to achieve this Fashionista’s look. Throw on your trusty denim shorts, find an oversized T-shirt (you can even get one from a thrift store) and sport your favorite worn-in Converse. Don’t forget a statement necklace to make your outfit really stand out. As far as hair and makeup go, keep it natural, but go for a bold lip. Good luck!