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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Uptown Funky Pants

Autumn has finally arrived! There are leaves to fall, pumpkins to pick and most importantly, boots to wear! Boots have been a fall essential since the beginning of time—and yes, we still love them. But just because boots have withstood the test of time doesn’t mean all fall fashion has. This year, it’s time to forget what you know about the typical “change of the season” styles and pick up these gorgeous new trends.

Old school fall calls for solid colors in the same “dead leaf” palette—gold, brown, maroon and purple. But this year, we’re switching it up completely! It’s time to mix those colors together in a swirl of bohemian patterns, add some funky fringe and top it off with some seriously alluring leather and layered jewelry.

This Fashionista must have gotten the memo! Her look is just the right amount of comfy and chic, which means she can wear the same outfit for a day in the library and then a night on the town. She is rocking boho yoga pants with a totally trendy pattern. The great thing about these pants (besides how comfortable they are) is the perfect combination of all the right fall colors twisted together to make this fierce beatnik look. She paired these pants with a cropped, fringe tank, layered chunky necklaces and some sick metallic sunnies.

How To: To transition your favorite bohemian trousers from summer to fall, simply pair them with a black leather jacket, matching leather bag and of course, timeless leather boots! These basic items will go perfectly with any detailed pants this fall, so you can stock up on different patterns and colors for more diversity, while still being the trendiest Fashionista on campus!