ALL IN THE DETAILS: Update the Choker

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Update the Choker

Let’s be honest here: the tattoo choker trend needs an update. It’s starting to look less and less cool girl ‘90s and more and more fashion faux paus Britney Spears. Thankfully, it’s slowly being phased out by chokers that are less reminiscent of the angsty middle school phase and are instead far more sophisticated.

This Fashionista hits the nail on the head on updating the choker trend by layering two lovely necklaces with a classy pendant choker. The formula here is to add a simple length necklace and another longer, more colorful necklace to create the perfect look.

The accessories make this look. Without them, this outfit would be beautiful as well, but the addition of the layered necklaces adds subtle style that makes this look perfect for class. The beauty of this look is that it’s incredibly versatile based on your accessories, though. This would be appropriate for a laid-back interview, class, a date, brunch with friends and so on. Change up your hair or necklaces and you can use these same key pieces for any event.

A beautiful, lacy white top emanates effortlessness, while a simple pair of blue jeans create a thinning silhouette to offset the loose fit of the top. To elevate both the outfit and herself, this Fashionista chose a simple pair of nude peep toe mules to make the outfit more sophisticated. If you’re back at school, these mules are the perfect pair of heels to wear on campus, as the chunky heel and quick slip-on style makes them stable and easy to wear.

As for makeup, this Fashionista added the perfect subtle gold eyeshadow to give her eyes a flawless summery, golden look. To really finish off the look, though, this Fashionista added what every Fashionista/o should add to any great outfit: a smile!