Hello, winter and hello, cold temperatures! With cold weather on its way, staying warm this winter is a must. Most people will be reaching for their favorite sweaters, an old sweatshirt or baggy sweats, but having some unique winter pieces will definitely make you the trendsetter this holiday season. This cardigan is unique because it resembles a poncho despite the open front. This piece is super comfortable and perfect for any occasion, such as a dinner date, a girls night out or even your winter internship!

This outfit works perfectly because it only requires two layers: a black long sleeve shirt and a cardigan. By pairing the cardigan with a solid top and a solid bottom, it makes the cardigan the main focus of the outfit. The details of the pattern are my favorite part of this Fashionista’s outfit. This asymmetrical pattern consists of arrows, triangles and Aztec prints. This Fashionista chose this outfit because the prints reminded her of early cave paintings, giving her a boho vibe. Patterns that are more common usually consist of stripes, polka-dots or florals. Wearing this type of pattern really shows that you are unique and like to stand out with your style. The necklace was also a great touch because it mixed two patterns together.

The patterns paired nicely because they both incorporate the color black. It seems like so many people are getting more daring when it comes to patterns these days! The final touch on this outfit was a pair of short, black heels that were the perfect height for anyone who has trouble walking in heels and still wants to look chic!

How To: Want to stand out through your wardrobe? Pick patterns that are unique or that you have never seen before. Be sure to keep the rest of the outfit simple so your pattern shines through the most!