ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tying It Together

From nautical to overalls, there is a new big trend every summer. This year I’ve noticed neck scarves all over stores and on my favorite style icons. Now that winter has ended, the ability to throw on a big scarf over any plain shirt has also ended. However, thanks to this new summer trend your scarf wearing days can continue on for all seasons. Turn a plain tee or tank top and jeans into something a little more fun. If your outfit lacks color, a problem I struggle with often considering I only wear black, a scarf can be just the thing needed to stand out.

This Fashionista is wearing just a regular black blouse and jean shorts yet it is far from boring. This old but beautiful silk scarf draws the eye to the bright pattern but it does not clash with the outfit itself. It is casual with the boyfriend shorts which helps the scarf not become too overbearing. To add some extra accessories the outfit is paired with a light brown fringe bag and tan sandals.

This look is easy to achieve with any outfit combination. Tank tops, jean shirts, button-ups, dresses, etc. the choices are endless. It does not have to be paired with just dark colors like the Fashionista shown either; if there is a color in the scarf that matches something bright don’t be afraid to wear as much color as you want. It will make everything more exciting and fun.

How To: Grab any thin scarf, wrap it around your neck as many times as comfortable, tie it in a double knot and you’re ready to go. A cute and simple addition to your outfit that takes less than a minute to style. Don’t have a small enough scarf around? Use a bandana of any color—it works just as well!